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The Recreation Facilities Association of British Columbia (RFABC) is a vibrant provincial recreation association that has been hard at work for over 70 years.  Originally known as the British Columbia Arena, Auditorium and Stadium Association it was formed in 1948 to bring people together who shared a common interest in improving the operation of recreation facilities throughout the province.

The RFABC has a long history of valued service to the recreation industry in this province. It has provided a tremendous networking opportunity for facility operators to access when they need help or are willing to share their successes.

As an important member of the BC recreation sector the RFABC has worked with other agencies, associations, advisory boards, committees and councils in a very cooperative manner.

For a large part of its existence, the Association had been run solely by volunteers. In later years, part-time and then full-time staff have been hired to help with the day to day operations. Currently, three staff are employed in Victoria to help guide the Executive Board in this important role of meeting the needs of the membership.

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Peter Kozak - Spring 2021

Louie Labbe - Winter 2016

Denis Leclerc - Summer 2017

Ernie Mansueti - Summer 2021

Steve McLain - Winter 2021

Lyle Parlour - Summer 2020

Bill Reekie - Winter 2017

Jamie Rennie - Fall 2020

Stan Shigehiro - Fall 2017

Jim Weicker - Fall 2018

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