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RFABC 2019-2021 Strategic Plan

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The Recreation Facilities Association of British Columbia (RFABC) is a provincial not-for-profit organization with a voluntary board of dedicated Directors, Instructors, and Volunteers committed to the Recreation Sector. Our Association was formed in 1948 and has operated continuously since then.RFABC's purpose is to promote general interest, education, safe operating standards, professionalism and support among recreation facility operators, Commission and Board members in the successful operations of arenas, auditoriums, community centres, swimming pools, stadiums, parks and other recreation facilities.

Our Vision…Our Mission…

RFABC is a leading resource for the Recreation Sector in British Columbia. The mission of the RFABC is to promote safe and efficient operation of recreation facilities through the provision of educational opportunities, networking, training, and advocacy for the recreation sector.

Values & Guiding Beliefs…

  • We believe that our stewardship of recreation facility infrastructure is essential to the quality of the recreation experience and contributes to healthy communities.
  • We are committed to outcomes and are accountable for the quality of the programs and services delivered.
  • We believe that collaboration is a productive approach to achieving our mission.
  • We base our decisions on accurate data and research for the best interest of the members and stakeholders.
  • We communicate with integrity and transparency.
  • We respect diversity of people and their views and we encourage networking and goodwill.

Our Strategic Plan “2019 - 2021” sets the course for RFABC's future work and builds on our past achievements

Goals and Outcomes


RFABC will garner increased membership through quality member benefits, communications, programs, and services.Recognition and support for volunteers is integral to RFABC.

Deliver excellence through annual Conferences and Symposiums.

Build and sustain relationships that create value for Members.


Develop and deliver technical and professional development opportunities, while ensuring that RFABC courses are recognized as recreation industry leading programs.

Provide mentorship and networking opportunities for Members.


Deliver open and effective communication to the Membership.


Align board governance and direction with our core values and guiding beliefs.

Ensure the 0rganization is efficient, viable, and positioned for growth.


Be a strong advocate on behalf of our Members, Allied Partners, and Stakeholders.

Operating Principles

RFABC's operating principles are a result of our mission, values and guiding beliefs, and include the following

  • We are a membership based organization that ensures the needs of RFABC's Members are met;
  • We believe in open communications and networking with our Members and Partners;
  • We deliver quality educational and technical resources that advance the recreation sector;
  • We create partnerships with organizations with compatible and similar goals;
  • We collaborate with allied partners to provide leadership and advocacy for the Recreation Sector at a local and provincial level and at the national level as appropriate;
  • We remain a strategic, innovative, and entrepreneurial Association while honouring our values and guiding beliefs;
  • We provide beneficial governance that is based on fiscal responsibility and sustainability, while ensuring that decisions are made in the best interests of our Members.

Our operating principles will guide the actions and decisions of the RFABC Board of Directors and Staff.