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RFABC Overview

RFABC celebrated its 70th year in 2018.  From its modest beginnings as an organization representing arenas, auditoriums, and stadiums, the association provides  certification for recreation facility operational staff.  The training programs allow for people to seek entry into the field, advancement, or career change.  Over 800 certifications are awarded annually for arena/refrigeration, aquatics/swimming pools, and building services.  RFABC graduates can be found at all levels of organizations and in sectors for public and private recreation facilities, hotels, and commercial food facilities.

Under the direction of the RFABC Board of Directors, the association maintains an excellent relationship with regulatory agencies including but not limited to Technical Safety BC, BC Health Protection Branch, and Worksafe BC.  These relationships allow for positive and constructive conversations on impending regulatory changes, incident response and industry training.

With over 700 members (2019), and 45 commercial associates, the association provides extensive networking opportunities through the website, conference and zone meetings.  

The purpose of the Recreation Facilities Association of British Columbia (RFABC) is to promote general interest, education, safe operating standards, professionalism and support among recreation facility operators, Commission and Board members in the successful operations of arenas, auditoriums, community centres, swimming pools, stadiums, parks and other recreation facilities.


The RFABC is a leading resource for recreation sector in British Columbia.


The mission of the RFABC is to promote safe and efficient operation of recreation facilities through the provision of educational opportunities, networking, training, and advocacy for the recreation sector.

Critical Beliefs:

We believe that our stewardship of recreation facility infrastructure is essential to the quality of the recreation experience and contributes to healthy communities.
We are committed to outcomes and are accountable for the quality of the programs and services delivered.
We believe that collaboration is a productive approach to achieving our mission.
We base our decisions on accurate data and research for the best interest of the members and stakeholders.
We communicate with integrity and transparency.
We respect diversity of people and their views and we encourage networking and goodwill.

If you have any questions, please contact info@rfabc.com


A Brief History of RFABC by Vince Kreiser: