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Dave Dauphinee Memorial Trophy


This trophy honors Dave Dauphinee, the first president of the RFABC..

Conditions of Award:

  • The willingness to assist their fellow members throughout the Association
  • Service to the overall growth of the Association
  • Dedication and involvement with their zone
  • For an outstanding member of the Association for their dedication and achievement in the community of their facility.
Year Recipient Organization/Location
1984 Stan Shigehiro Coquitlam, B.C.
1985 W.E. “Bill” Woycik Prince George, B.C.
1986 W.E "Bill" Young Saanich, B.C.
1987 Jim Langhorn Centaur Athletics
1988 Len Bjola Sooke, B.C.
1989 John Bate Victoria Memorial
1990 Peter Kozak Nelson, BC
1991 Kurt Houlden Chilliwack, B.C.
1992 George Tufnail White Rock, B.C.
1993 Gerry Morgan Gold River, BC
1994 Bill Reekie Campbell Rive B.C.
1995 Mike Creedon Courtney, B.C.
1996 Ernie Mansuetti District of North Cowichan
1997 Westminster Ron Booth
1998 Joyce Fordyce Burnaby, BC
1999 Ray Boogaards City of Prince George
2000 Ryan Mulligan District of Chilliwack
2001 Ron Aubrey Esquimalt, B.C.
2002 Mike Reed Esquimalt, B.C.
2003 Ernie Mansueti North Cowichan
2004 John Elzlnga Cowichan Lake
2005 Jim Weicker Cowichan Valley
2006 Ed Dockter Squamish
2007 Lori Blackman Powell River
2008 Dennis Magoffin Armstrong
2009 2009 World Under 17 Vancouver Island
2010 Jason Craig Nelson
2011 Sheena Boyles South Cowichan Recreation
2012 Not Awarded  
2017 Ron Booth City of New Westminster
2019 Steve Napper City of Delta