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Harry Atkinson Memorial Trophy


This trophy honors, Harry Atkinson, the seventh RFABC President. Individual must be currently working full-time for a minimum of one calendar year. In a maintenance capacity within a public or private recreation facility (e.g. pool, arena, fitness center, community theater). Nominee must be currently employed in front line or career entry level positions and excludes supervisory or management staff. Nominated individuals are not required to be RFABC members Staff members of current RFABC Board members are not eligible for nominations by a Board member.

Year Recipient Organization/Location
1989 Kay Atkinson  White Rock, B.C.
1990 Jocelyne Shigehiro  Coquitlam, B.C.
1991 Nhorin Leclerc  New Westminster B.C.
1992 Kathy Kreiser  Clearbrook, B.C.
1993 Sheila Morgan  Gold River, BC
1994 Marilyn Bate  Victoria, BC
1995 Jan Labbe  Delta, BC
1996 Sandra Boogaards  Prince George BC
1997 Barb Vincent Mill Bay, BC
1998 Ruth Kelbough  Victoria, BC
1999 Barbara Mulligan  Chilliwack, BC
2000 Not Awarded  
2001 Not Awarded  
2002 Not Awarded  
2003 Tracy Rennie  Surrey, B.C.
2004 Not Awarded  
2005 Not Awarded  
2006 Not Awarded  
2007 Not Awarded  
2008 Linda Magoffin  Armstrong, B.C.
2009 Not Awarded  
2010 Not Awarded  
2011 Not Awarded  
2012 Not Awarded  
2019 Travis Drake City of Trail
  Zac Wethal Village of Nakusp