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Joe Dukowski Memorial Bursary

Joe Dukowski

This memorial bursary is named in honor of the first Secretary-Treasurer (1950-51) and also the longest serving President of the Association. He served as the second President (1951-1957) and then again as the fourteenth President (1968-1969) of the Association. Joe served as the Manager of the Victoria Memorial Arena for a period of time and then later served as the Manager of the Sports Centre in Coquitlam.

Denis Leclerc is a Past President of the Association who worked as a younger guy for Joe in Coquitlam. Denis described him in positive terms as an “old school” and hands on manager. He worked very well with the staff while being firm and fair in his dealings with them. In addition, he was willing to jump in and help out when things got busy in the concession and lounge areas during major special events like curling bonspiels.

Joe sadly passed away in 1981.

The bursary was started in 1981 for students in the Recreation Facilities Management Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Burnaby, BC and subsequently transferred to Vancouver Community College when the program was moved there in 1986. It is currently presented annually to a student enrolled in the Recreation Leadership Diploma Program at Langara College in Vancouver, BC.

The conditions of the award are:

The full-time graduating student enrolled in the fourth term of the program must have demonstrated to the Department faculty members a talent for and an interest in recreation facilities’ operation, as well as a genuine interest in pursuing a career in the field. The student must also demonstrate attributes of a diligent self-starter who works hard to accomplish goals that benefit others.

The award is a cash bursary of $500.00. In addition, the student will receive an honorarium of up to $250.00 for travel expenses to assist in attending the annual RFABC Conference. The student must attend the conference in order to receive the honorarium and receipts for their travel expenses must be presented to the RFABC Executive Director prior to a reimbursement being made.  The conference host community will provide accommodation and meals (billets) for the student during the conference.


Year Recipient Organization/Location
1981 Craig Briewis BCIT
1982 Joanne Carlson BCIT
1984 Bruce Tilbury BCIT
1984 Norm Gallicano BCIT
1985 Mike Cregan BCIT
1987 Rob Stagg VCC
1988 Lisa Wong VCC
1989 Susan Boeschoten VCC
1990 Jane Faulkner VCC
1991 Nancy Sylvain VCC
1992 Jim Davies VCC
1993 Timothy Turner VCC
1994 Kim Hilton Langara College
1995 Julie Freund Langara College
1996 Marian Gardner Langara College
1997 Sonja Boston Langara College
1998 Cheryl Kensick Langara College
1999 Lesley Sharp Langara College
2000 Victoria Murphy Langara College
2001 Grant Rice Langara College
2002 Monica McGinley Langara College
2003 Chris Shubert Langara College
2004 Nicole Castor Langara College
2005 Nicole Wilson Langara College
2006 Shawn Bourgoin Langara College
2007 Renata Turick Langara College
2008 Mark Houlden Langara College
2009 Bernard Lee Langara College
2010 Pam Berg Langara College
2011 Larry Alas Langara College
2012 Shannon Penway Langara College
2013 Travis Pearce Langara College
2014 Jerome Oregas Langara College
2015 Taylor Venner Langara College
2016 Kayla Raimondo Langara College
2017 Teelah Logan Langara College
2018 Steven Maisey Langara College
2019 Hannah Glavin Langara College
2020  Karina Tung Langara College 
Samson Lee
Langara College