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Joyce Fordyce Facility Programming Award

Joyce sm

Joyce enjoyed working in the ice arena field and was a figure skater for many years. She promoted the concept of using ice arenas in the province for more than just venues for renting ice out to user groups which involved the creation of innovative and fun programs. Joyce promoted gender equity and tried to encourage more females to become involved with the RFABC and the ice arena industry. She led by example and was involved with the technical aspects of recreation facilities and in establishing the Ice Facility Operator designation.

This award would be in recognition of an individual who is a member that has strongly contributed and are dedicated to the programming objectives and goals of the Association. 

Considerations for the award are:

  • Individual must be currently working full-time for a minimum of one calendar year in the programming capacity within a public or private recreation facility (e.g.
  • Nominee must be currently employed in front line program positions and excludes supervisory or management staff.
  • Nominated individuals are not required to be RFABC members. 
  • pool, arena, fitness centre, community theatre).

Nominations may be submitted by members or by Zones to the Awards committee. The Program Director or delegate shall present the award at the annual conference.