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RFABC Associates' Scholarship

RFABC Associate Members (companies and individuals that provide products and services to the recreation industry) added a second scholarship starting in 1991 to help support a deserving student each year.

This award is presented to a student enrolled in the Recreation Leadership Diploma Program at Langara College in Vancouver B.C.

Some early Associate Members who advocated for the establishment of this scholarship included: Doug Churchill, Dave Gillette and Dave Warner. Later on Perry Coleman and Norm Smith worked hard to cultivate the Associates’ continued sponsorship of this scholarship and also to boost the current dollar amount to be given out.

From 1991-2008 the conditions of the award were:

It was awarded to a second-year full-time student with the top G.P.A. in the first term of the program.

Currently the conditions of the award are:

It is presented to the second-year full-time student as chosen by the Instructor who showed strong leadership and a high level of interest and aptitude in the RECR 1162 course during their first term of study. The recipient must also demonstrate a willingness to help their fellow classmates during the Outdoor Field School component of the course. The award is a cash bursary of $500.00.

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Year Recipient Institution
1991 Patti Minor VCC
1992 Timothy Turner VCC
1993 Dave Fossum & Jason Freund VCC
1994 Kevin Jeffery Langara College
1995 Karlene Epp Langara College
1996 Sonja Boston Langara College
1997 Cheryl Kensick Langara College
1998 Lesley Sharp Langara College
1999 Brian Forrester Langara College
2000 Erica McIntyre Langara College
2001 Monica McGinley Langara College
2002 Chris Shubert Langara College
2003 Jaimie Brown Langara College
2004 Tanya Penman & Brenda Alexander Langara College
2005 Roy Liu Langara College
2006 Shannu Poyser Langara College
2007 Emma Peake Langara College
2008 Erica Lowney Langara College
Change of Award Criteria
2009 Sophia Hughes Langara College
2010 Ellen Dacamara Langara College
2011 Jennifer Chohan Langara College
2012 Simon Chiu Langara College
2013 Barbara Vadovicova-Fong Langara College
2014 Keltie Post Langara College
2015 Sam Ahlgren Langara College
2016 Tara Silva Langara College
2017 Gregory Paton Langara College
2018 Hannah Glavin Langara College
2019  Fraser Cameron Langara College 
Matthew Morin
Langara College