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Chlorine Handling

Chlorine Safe Handling for Pools 

Course Description: This new one-day course was formerly delivered by the BC Municipal Safety Association. It will provide the participants with information to properly operate and maintain a variety of Swimming Pool disinfection processes which use chlorine and hypochlorite products. Participants will also be provided with information in regulations, safety, procedures, and best industry practices This knowledge will assist participants in the development and maintenance of their own operation. Course Topics include: Chlorination & Hypochlorination, Chlorine & Hypochlorite Equipment / Installation, Maintenance of Equipment, Super chlorination/breakpoint chlorination, Chlorine Building & System Design, Safe Handling Practices for Chlorine & Hypochlorites and Emergency Response Planning. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive RFABC certification. (Fee includes manual)   Click to Register

Registration Fee: Members $285.00 Non-Members $305.00