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Overview of RFABC Courses

The RFABC is dedicated to excellence in education and to that end ensures its courses are continually reviewed and revised, so that all information taught is up-to-date and relevant. Excellence in education also means the RFABC strives to ensure all courses exceed industry standards and competitive offerings. Pool Operator Level 1 and 2, Arena Ice Maker's, Building Service Worker Level 1 and 2, Refrigeration Safety Awareness, Ice Facility Operator, Refrigeration Operator, Chlorine Safe Handling for Pools, and the Ice Skating Instructor course are among those quality education opportunities offered. 

 Click on "Course Registration" tab on home page to register. 
  • Select the type of course (Arena, Pool Operator, Building Service Worker, etc.)
  • Follow the link to the C-vent registration system
  • Enter your contact information prior to selecting a course. As you register, your status as a RFABC member/non-member will select the correct fee. The system relies on your email address to verify your membership status.  

Cancellation Policy 
RFABC requires registrant to cancel registration at least 7 business days prior to the course start date. Cancellation less than one week prior to the course start date will result in the registration fee being forfeited.

As a result of 3rd party processing fees, RFABC must charge a 10% surcharge for all credit card refunds and 5% surcharge for cheques.

Host Community Course Request Form 
Prior to hosting a Recreation Facilities Association of B.C. course in your community or facility and in order that we can provide the best learning experience possible, our association requires you to complete the this course requisition request.

COVID-19 and RFABC Courses
The growing concern around COVID-19 has everyone feeling uneasy, especially as we face more changes to our daily routines and future plans. At RFABC, we feel it too and we want to ensure all courses are offered safely and without threat to the health of participants and instructors.

We will be diligent in monitoring developments as they unfold and the courses, at this time, are scheduled to continue.  We are actively working with course locations to take further precautions, such as social distancing, enhanced cleaning, and encouraging strong hygiene practices. That said, facility restrictions and government directives will also dictate how we proceed.  In the event that courses are cancelled or rescheduled, we will work with students to issue full refund cheques.

Like you, we are doing the best that we can to navigate these uncertain times as they continue to evolve. We are working to help protect the well-being of our participants and instructors.

The Recreation Facility Association of British Columbia (RFABC) will be adhering to all the Provincial Health Orders and restrictions, and the requirements set forth by the host facility for the educational programs, workshops, annual conference, and operation of business matters. As per the April 8, 2022 Provincial Health order a copy of the RFABC has transferred from a COVID-19 Safety Plan to a Communicable Disease Plan.  

If you have any questions regarding your current enrollment or considering registration, please email Koreen Gurak

British Columbia: http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19
Canada:  https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19.html