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Membership in the Recreation Facilities Association provides access to a wealth of resources and connections that will last a lifetime.  The courses connections and conversations provide members with access to an organization that leads the way for education advocacy and communication with its members. RFABC members can be found all all levels of an organization and in all aspects of recreation facility operations, hospitality and commercial food facilities.  Building a career network starts with a membership.

We have strong working relations with Provincial Regulatory organizations. Our staff support communities with a variety of resources to ensure they have the most current information to maintain safe Parks and Recreational facilities. 

Member benefits include access to a website that provides current information applicable to any practitioners working in the field of recreation and parks; the opportunity to post employment opportunities and networking through zone meetings throughout the province where individual members can learn more about various products, practices and services. Associate members can also attend the meetings.

Membership Levels and Benefits
Online Membership Application Form

Please Note: Memberships are valid for one year from the date you sign up.



Looking for the latest information about zone meetings? Feel free to contact your Zone Director for more information about upcoming meetings.

ZONE Contacts

Zone  Zone Director
North Bob Corbett
Island Brad Coleman
Mainland Steve Napper
West/East Kootenay Robert Baker
Thompson Okanagan
Mike Fetterer
Craig Langille
Skeena Buckley Shane Kirwin